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The DIY Board Game

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The official Board game for the book Marco the messuring catapillar

This Main concept and idear for this game was made by:

Claes Lindhard(Coordinator and development)

Hafsteinn Petursson(Game Developer)

Daniel Hassellund Johansen(Mechanical Engineer)

Daniel Grunkin(Game Development)

André Berlin(3D models and Design)

Arnulf Johannes Snedker-Nielsen(Game Developer)

Jakob Schauser(Game Developer)


Thomas H. Johansen

Sofie H. Johansen

Game setup:

Start out by placing the lake in the center of your table. Place Marijanna(the Bird) next to it. Connect Marco's head and tail and place him next to his friend. 

An order of play is chosen and hereafter the game begins!

The Game:

One by one, the players will create a track starting from Marijanna and going once around the lake. When a player has finished a track, they will time themself running the track as fast as possible. Note this time. Now the other players will try to run the course, scoring a point if the time is beaten. However, if the player tips over an obstacle no points are awarded. If no players beat the creator's time, the creator is awarded a point.

Remember - you can count the points in any unit of your choice!

Once all players have run the course, the fastest caterpillar will be 1 body part longer for all future runs.

While running, the slalom flags must be passed on the side to which they are pointing.


The Setting:

One summer night Marco the Measuring Caterpillar goes to the lake with his friend Marijanna. The lake is bathed in the most beautiful moonshine. They have on multiple occasions wondered how large the lake is in meters, but today they are wondering how large it is - in seconds. The two friends are filled with the highest of spirits, so they decide to put it to the test. Just before Marco sets out on the run, they are stopped by a character coming in from the pier. This is the skiing master Slalò, who once won a famous competition requiring 120 days of slalom. Slalò waves his hands in the direction of the lake and says: “Taking a sprint around this puddle is too easy”. Marco and the bird sigh, as they were kind of hoping for it to be easy. Slalo points towards the edge of the lake, and says: “I have placed flags all around - so now we will have some fun!“ As Marco takes a sip from his bottle he is filled with courage; He is ready to prove himself!

What is needed:

  • A stopwatch or any modern piece of technology with a built-in time keeper.
  • The 3D-printed pieces, including:
      • 1 head of Marco
      • At least 5 pieces of caterpillar body
      • The obstacles
        •  Find them, print them or make your own!
      • 1 large bird (Marijanna)
      • At least 4 slalom-flag
  • A lake (draw it and cut it out from a piece of paper)
  • Good company

Additional Detail:

Any obstacle that is moved or rotated during a run will keep its new place, but if the obstacle is tipped over, it must be placed about where it came from.

Any obstacles that are hit by the creator during their own run must be removed before the level is played by the other players. 

After each player has created two tracks in total, the player with the most points wins. 

Open source

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How to's:

How to play the Game:


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